Dish Latino Phone Number – 888-757-6535

Dish Latino Phone Number
A toll free phone number for new service with Dish Latino is 888-757-6535. Simply tap the image above to connect. Existing Dish Latino Customers can call 866-747-7194 in regards to their existing service.

Sign Up for New Dish Latino Service: 888-757-6535

Existing Dish Latino Customers: 866-747-7194

Simply pick up your phone and call Dish Latino now to see what great current special programming packages are available. Sales Customer Service Agents well versed with speaking in Spanish are waiting right now to answer your questions and to meet your needs for the best in home satellite television or internet. BY picking up the phone and calling the toll free phone number that is listed above for Dish Latino you can be certain you are dealing directly with Dish Latino and not some random 3rd party or even an authorized re-seller. This toll free phone number is a number that will connect you directly to Dish Latino. Call now and find out about packages as low as $34.99 a month with a 2 year price guarantee. It has simply never been easier to call Dish Latino. Pick up your phone and call the 1800 number of 888-757-6535 today and let your Dish Latino Representative help you with putting together a satellite TV package and/or internet service bundle that meets your discerning and particular needs.