Intuit Merchant Services Sales Phone Number – 888-475-1566

Intuit Merchant Services Sales Phone Number – 888-475-1566

Intuit Merchant Services Phone Number
Just touch the graphic above on your smartphone device to be connected to the toll free phone number for Intuit Merchant Services of 888-475-1566. The select option 1 at the Main Menu for Information/Sales.

A toll free phone number for Intuit Merchant Services is 888-475-1566. At the Main Menu select option 1 for Information or Sales.

Free set up, free device and free card reader. Integrated system that syncs all of your devices together using QuickBooks. Card reader is sleek and easy to travel with allowing you to charge credit cards at any time even away from your main location. Intuits Merchant Services has kept its customers happy by offering online invoices and payments as well. You can use Quickbooks to make estimates and then send them to your customers. Using their online system can help you run your business more effectively and their merchant services will help you succeed. Using merchant services along with your QuickBooks can help keep your information more secure. Intuit got its start by processing debit and credit cards to sync with QuickBooks. So it’s no surprise that it’s one of the smoothest at processing in the industry. Gain extra freedom with their mobile processing and work away from your main location. They offer POS solutions and help with your business through their services. They will assist in working with online stores including third parties. Intuits costs are competitive with others on the market, yet provides more hands on actual help than the others. Having assistance from trained professionals for the integrated software is an invaluable commodity for any business. You may also have the option to hire an expert through QuickBooks to also do your payroll for you additional fees apply for this offer. Can use these services to track your businesses losses or profits. Balancing sheets is easy and your access to everything needed to track your progress can be found on your system. Then just back everything up through QuickBooks and all devices linked are updated. Take payments to your accounts from locations, mobile payments, and even online. Sync all of your applications and bank accounts. You may also use merchant services to prepare your tax documentation and doing your 1099s in a simple. With Instant chat help service, phone assistance through their 1-800 number and their software solutions this all inclusive service is a must. Intuit actually has obtained an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau and they received their accreditation in 2010. Intuit has worked hard to improve its pricing and contract term transparency. They have eliminated their early termination fee, and have helpful customer service. The best service that’s on the market that will work hard to resolve any issue you may have.

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