Intuit Merchant Services Toll Free Telephone Number – 877-583-4314

Intuit Merchant Services Phone Number
Simply tap the graphic then press 1 at the main menu for Information or Sales with Intuit Merchant Services at the toll free phone number of 877-583-4314.

A toll free telephone number for Intuit Merchant Services is 877-583-4314.

Intuit Merchant Services credit card processing option is primarily focused through direct email and mail marketing across the USA, online advertising, and via the Intuit Merchant Services accounting software platform. Intuit Merchant Services doesn’t appear to use the usual independent sales agents, but does have a current reseller program that allows other sales organizations to market and sell its services and financial based products. These third-party companies and organizations may contract with their own separate independent agents, which could inflate pricing or cause changes to terms and conditions. For this reason, merchants are advised to deal directly with Intuit when setting up a Intuit Merchant Services account. We are unable to find any complaints that mention nondisclosure of fees or deceptive rate quoting from Intuit Merchant Services, so we’ll assign the company an “A+” rating. You can call the toll free phone number of 877-583-4314 to discuss setting up your own merchant account with Intuit Merchant Services.

There are hardly any Intuit Merchant Services negative reviews considering the popularity and mass use of the Intuit Merchant Services accounting program among medium and small businesses in the USA. However, among the available praises of the Intuit Merchant Services platform, the most common types found regard the simplicity in using the program and its credit card processing features (QuickBooks does not demand much training if you are new to accounting programs), few fund holds, seldom account closures, rarely failed integration with the QuickBooks point-of-sale software, and simplicity with getting issues resolved with their outstanding customer support. Due to the low amount of scarce complaints, these reports appear to be mostly be the norm and thus suggest widespread product satisfaction. Telephone the toll free phone number of 877-583-4314 today and see what Intuit Merchant Services can do for you.

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