Intuit QuickBooks Sales Customer Service Phone Number – 855-668-7383

Intuit QuickBooks Sales Customer Service Phone Number – 855-668-7383

Intuit QuickBooks Sales Customer Service Telephone Number
Simply tap the graphic above to connect to the toll free phone number of 855-668-7383 for Intuit QuickBooks POS Sales Customer Service.

QuickBooks POS helps track inventory as you sell and receive items, ring sales, manage customers and accept credit cards.

Here are many of the benefits regarding a POS system from the folks at Intuit QuickBooks:

Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) is your complete retail solution that comes with all the essential retail software, hardware, and integrated credit card processing tools to help boost the bottom line. With QuickBooks POS, retailers can:

Know exactly where they are making money and where they are not with sales, inventory, and customer data at their fingertips.

Manage inventory, update prices, set discounts, transfer data to QuickBooks Accounting software, and other time-consuming tasks with just a few clicks instead of hours of work.

Keep their customers happy with personalized service, emails, newsletters, and loyalty programs.
Get up and running in no time. Simple setup instructions and tutorials make it easy to start ringing sales in hours rather than days.

Real-time inventory tracking to identify what’s in stock, what’s hot, and what needs to be reordered.
Reporting tools to track customer interests and provide better, personalized services.

Integration capabilities to electronically transfer sales information to QuickBooks Accounting software.

Eliminating dual entries and data entry errors.

Easily ring up sales accepting credit cards and keeping checkout lines moving.

Want to learn more about Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale? Simply call the toll free phone number of 855-668-7383 and then press 1 for more information. The folks at Intuit QuickBooks Sales Customer Service are standing by to take your call between the hours of 6 am to 5 pm from Monday thru Friday.

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