QuickBooks Sales Support Phone Number – 888-475-1566

QuickBooks Sales Support Phone Number – 888-475-1566

QuickBooks Sales Phone Number
A toll free phone number for Intuit QuickBooks Sales Customer Support is 888-475-1566. Then press 1 at the main menu for Information or Sales.

A toll free telephone number for QuickBooks Sales Support is 888-475-1566.

Getting in touch with QuickBooks Sales Support has never been so easy. Just pick up your phone and call the toll free phone number of 888-475-1566 from 6 am to 5 pm, Pacific time, Monday thru Friday. A QuickBooks Adviser with Intuit will be more than happy with helping you to customize a solution that is right for you and your business.

Intuit QuickBooks Sales is the Division of Intuit you need to contact via the toll free phone number shown above. Simply put, Intuit QuickBooks has integrated several web-based features into QuickBooks and their other products from their vast array of resources, including remote access capabilities, remote payroll assistance and outsourcing, electronic payment functions, online banking and reconciliation, mapping features through integration with Google Maps, marketing options through Google, and improved e-mail functionality through Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. For many of the latest versions, QuickBooks has also added import from Excel spreadsheets, additional employee time tracking options and other advanced features, pre-authorization of electronic funds and new assistance features. Recently, Intuit QuickBooks announced that QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions would run on Linux based servers, whereas previously it required a Windows server to run the QuickBooks platform.

To contact QuickBooks Sales simply call the toll free phone number of 888-475-1566.

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