Paychex Toll Free Telephone Number – 855-398-2007

Paychex Telephone Number
A toll free phone number for Paychex Payroll Services is 855-398-2007.

Here are some benefits of the Paychex program:

–          Over half a million U.S. businesses trust Paychex

–          One month of payroll processing free

–          Free customized payroll quote that meets each customer’s specific needs

–          Multiple payroll submission methods for ease of use including phone, fax, or online

–          Payroll Tax Administration

–          Workers Compensation

–          401 (k) and Retirement Services

–          Health Insurance

–          Time and Labor Solutions

–          HR Outsourcing Solutions

Simply call the toll free phone number listed above to connect with the folks at Paychex and find out what they can do for you in regards to a payroll solution. The history of Paychex is rather interesting and speaks volumes of their depth and spread within the payroll industry. Paychex was founded by Tom Golisano way back in 1971. Mr. Golisano started the company with a mere $3,000. Simply an impressive feat by any standard.

Paychex quickly grew to include 18 franchises and partnerships across the country, which were eventually merged into one private firm in 1979. Back in 1983, Paychex went public for the first time and began trading on the world famous NASDAQ Stock Market. Paychex has been immensely successful since it’s humble beginnings. In fiscal 2013, Paychex revenues exceeded $2.3 billion.

Now all you have to do in order to see exactly with it is Paychex can do for you is pick up your phone and call them at the toll free phone number of 855-398-2007.

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